Case List Construction Tips

A patient can only be counted ONCE on your case list 

So how do you enter her if she had more than one surgery or hospitalization in the same year of collections? ABOG does not give you any guidance. We recommend that you list her once, but separate the two cases by a full blank space or line. For example, let’s say you did an endometrial ablation for heavy menstrual bleeding in July. However, 9 months later, she is still plagued with AUB and you perform a hysterectomy. 


Heavy menstrual bleeding 
Refractory to OCPs, NSAIDs

Hysteroscopic D&C

Global endometrial ablation

Endometrium –proliferative

Heavy menstrual bleeding, failed Endometrial ablation

VH, salpingectomy

Uterus (200gms)
Cervix - benign


Check your list, and check it twice. Don’t trust the computer on calculating the final numbers on your summary sheet. Hand tally to make sure it’s correct. Remember, for Obstetrics & Gynecology you need a minimum of 20 applied cases and exactly 40 total cases in Office Practice. For all three sections, you cannot apply more than two per category.

Chances are you’ve seen only your own case list, but we’ve seen bunches. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Let us help by streamlining the process and helping you to kick out a sure-pass case list with a Comprehensive Case List Review.




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