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Private Mentoring for ABOG or AOBOG Oral Exams

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Feeling overwhelmed? Do you feel like you're just a number blending in with the crowd at exam prep seminars or a faceless voice at a webinar? ABC is committed to helping you pass your boards. We will arrange for you to have a private session with an ABC faculty member.

  • Your mentor will conduct a thorough assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, then 
  • Customize and implement a plan that is individualized to meet your needs.

Not only will this show you what to focus on and eliminate the worry of WHAT to study, but will instill confidence and peace. Although no CME credits are awarded, you can self claim Category II credits.

Initially, a candidate must commit to 5 one-hour sessions.

    If you are interested in obtaining a mentor, please contact our office for pricing at 1-877-222-6249 or contact us


      Tiffany Martinez
      DO, FACOG

      Krishna Das
      MD, FACOG

      Quinn Peeper
      MD, FACOG

      Michelle Tucker
      MD, FACOG

      Stephanie Persondek
      DO, FACOOG

      Matt Allred
      DO, FACOG


      “Using the personal mentor was an excellent option for me. Stephanie was absolutely fantastic.  She not only helped me build confidence and feel very prepared for my exam, but I felt like she made me feel like I had a physician colleague and friend helping guide me through the process of taking the exam. She was very easy to work with and when life happened she made it very easy to reschedule our times and make it convenient for both of us. I will forever be appreciative of the time that she took to help me feel prepared and pass my exam.” -  JD

      “So what was the reason for my success this time?  Dr. Das, Dr. Peeper, and Inderal!  You all sincerely cared.and that meant the world to me.  We’ll rendezvous in 6 yrs” – MD

      I have taken the AOBOG Oral Exam before and I could not understand what I was doing wrong. It was depressing and very frustrating but I could not give up. It was difficult having to prepare again BUT THEN I signed up for mentoring with Dr. Persondek and had several sessions. I can honestly say that Dr. Persondek made sense of the whole exam. It was as though a light bulb went off. She was very kind and extremely encouraging. I did extremely well on this exam !!! Thanks again to everyone at ABC and thanks to Dr. Persondek for her patience, kindness, and encouragement. She is truly amazing.”  – SW

      I wanted to express my deep gratitude to both of you for all that you did to help me pass my certifying exam. You were tough, kind and patient. You kept me calm and encouraged me to be confident when that was hard for me to do. You gave me the critical and necessary feedback I needed to improve. For this high stakes exam in which there is no feedback if you fail, that is priceless. I could not have done this without you. Thank you.” SN

      "I failed my (ABOG) oral boards in 2006. I had gone to other programs and took 3 mock orals with them, but still did not have a lot of confidence. After just 30 minutes of a telephone mock oral with Dr. Das, she said 'I think I know what the problem is.' I realized she was absolutely right -- the other three examiners had totally missed it. She gave me some specific recommendations. The next week, we did another mock oral -- it was a night and day difference. Finally, I knew I was ready. Not only was I confident going IN to the test, but I KNEW I had passed right away. I would STRONGLY recommend mock orals specifically with Dr. Das. She had covered 80% of the questions that were asked on my exam, but she had empowered me to easily answer the remaining 20%."  - SL

      “I had taken the oral exam twice before and came to ABC to prepare for my third and last attempt. Your recommendations, mentoring, and review course helped me understand what I needed to do.  I especially appreciated your referral to Dr. Peeper for intense mentoring.  I did mock orals and round robins.  You all were so supportive and gave me the confidence to continue my arduous journey.  The third was the charm and I passed!  You ask me what the difference was.  Well doing mock orals, knowing you case list well, and did I mention mock orals??  Well all this, and now at 40 yrs old and 9 years after completing my residency, I can finally say I am board certified.  ABC, Dr. Peeper and Dr. Das was a part of this accomplishment and I will never be able to thank you enough!”  - KS