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ABC Course Review Binder

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Our binder is a collection of notes taken directly from the slides of each faculty member's powerpoint lectures.

  • Two bound collections (over 1,400 pages) of course lectures featured on the course recordings
  • Oral Exam Defense Tips
  • Current Test Topics Manual 

If you are looking for a review of high-yield topics, this is an invaluable study guide. It's most helpful if you're looking to get a head start on studying before attending the course.  

Please note:  If you have registered for one of our 5-day or 6-day review courses and want to get a head start on your exam preparation, please contact the ABC office.  

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Ahh, now I get why the yellow pages are yellow. You're right, they're golden. I actually took them out and made a small binder out of them and used them to guide my studying - it went everywhere with me for 10 weeks!

"I passed the oral board exam!!!  Thank you so much for the excellent preparatory materials.  The information in the binder truly was all that was necessary to pass the exam. I will definitely recommend the ABC review course to anyone interested in taking a board review course.  When speaking to my colleagues it seem like the info we received at the course was far superior to other prep courses." -- LP

"I loved the table of contents for the whole binder, the page numbers & cross-reference with yellow pages (Test Topics Manual). The organization made it a breeze to navigate both at the course and especially for later studying."

"I put a stickum on my handout each time I was reminded of a particularly difficult patient management issue. My intent was to go back and review their chart. I had to laugh, because at the end of the course, my binder was a rainbow of colored stickums. Not only did I get an excellent review for my test, but I carried away loads of tips for everyday practice management." -- ES 

"Dr. Adelowo had very thorough slides, so it's nice to have all the info right there. Limits the need to look at other resources.”  SA