October 2016 Resource for Subspecialists

Stephanie Romero, MD, FACOG
MFM Course Lecturer and Facilitator

Dr. Romero completed her MFM fellowship at the University of Utah. She is double board certified in OB/GYN and MFM. She is Assistant Professor and Assistant Program Director at the University of South Florida in OB/GYN and MFM. To say that she loves to teach is an understatement. During her residency, she was recognized for her teaching by the nurses, faculty and medical students. She is the perfect faculty to help spearhead our innovative approach to teaching for our MFM Interactive Review Course. 

For ABOG 2017 MFM ORAL Exam Candidates
Your thesis is due October 28th. Make sure you have checked and re-checked the requirements, including page setup. It is also a great idea to have someone read over it and make sure your thesis manuscript is a good representation of the hard work you did on your research.
The case list isn’t due for another 4 months, but this is also a good time to make sure you are entering the data and checking to make sure you have patients that represent all of the different categories you need to fill for the case list. If you find that you are missing some patient experience types, now is the time to find ways to get more clinical exposure so you can be sure to get those last rare conditions covered.
Interested in a Thesis review?  It's still not too late to submit it to ABC, although our deadline for submission is Friday, September 30th.

Case List Tip:
As you’re constructing your case list, even if you already have enough patients to fill one of the categories, go ahead and keep the names of others that come along. You never know when the patient you thought would be part of your diabetes list will meet the criteria for another section that’s harder to find patients for, such as fetal infections, and you’ll need to move her over. So having too many potential candidates for a section is never a bad idea - you can always eliminate the extras later!

For ABOG 2017 FPMRS ORAL Exam Candidates

ABC FPMRS Webinar, Thesis Reviews, Case List Reviews and Mock Orals to begin this fall! Starting in October, potential Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery oral board candidates can get the guidance they need through online webinar sessions with structured cases, have a fresh set of eyes review their thesis and case list materials, and also have phone or in-person mock oral exams.  Visit our FPMRS page for full descriptions.

Thesis Review Tip:
Thesis submission (4 copies) deadline is October 28th and there are specific guidelines for both the format and your cover sheet, so be sure to check the FPMRS bulletin on the ABOG website under the Publications tab. Also, it is a great time to start gathering your references for citations within your thesis. For some, it may have been a while since last reviewing your work and thesis review is often in the details.  Knowing the broad strengths and limitations of your study design is the first step to a successful defense at the oral boards. Also, doing a quick literature search for new publications, which support or refute your work, is helpful.  It is still more than five months away, but stockpiling your review materials will go a long way when crunch time comes in March.  ABC's deadline to submit your thesis for review is Friday, September 30th.

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