June 2024 Subspecialty News

URPS 2024 Qualifying Written Examination Candidates

As we move into June, your qualifying exam on July 22, 2024, is fast approaching. Hopefully, you've already scheduled your exam with Pearson VUE to secure your spot. Amidst wrapping up your fellowship duties and planning for graduation, it's crucial not to overlook this vital step in your subspecialty board certification.

The exam will be computer-based and consist of multiple-choice questions. To help you prepare, we've compiled a comprehensive question bank with over 600 URPS written questions, accessible through the link to our Written Q-Bank for FPMRS.

Here are some important logistical points for exam day:

  • Duration: The exam lasts 3 hours and 45 minutes, but you can leave early if you finish before the allotted time.

  • Identification: Bring two forms of ID for admittance.

  • Electronics: Personal electronic devices are not allowed during the exam.

  • Breaks: You can take unscheduled breaks of up to 10 minutes.

  • Special provisions: If you're lactating, you can request a 30-minute break and an extension of your exam time, but you should have notified ABOG of this request at least 90 days before the exam.

URPS 2025 Certifying Oral Exam Candidates

The registration for the 2025 Certifying exam is now open online, with the final application deadline set for July 22, 2024. As part of your application, you'll need to complete and submit a verification of hospital privileges form to the Board office via email or fax. Once your application is approved by ABOG, you'll receive a confirmation email.

It's important to start familiarizing yourself with the case list entry system and begin entering your cases now. Starting early will give you more time to work through the process. You can also start having sections of your case lists reviewed by colleagues and mentors. To help you prepare for the examination, we recommend registering for our Virtual URPS Review Course on January 24-26, 2025. Each day will cover URPS topics like Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP), UTI, Urinary Incontinence, Pelvic Floor Disorder, Defecatory Dysfunction, Diagnostic Images in URPS, Statistical methods, and Study design. The course will feature didactic lectures, interactive discussions, and structured case discussions facilitated by faculty, similar to your oral board exam format.

MFM 2025 Certifying Oral Exam Candidates

Less than a year remains until your MFM oral exam—an important milestone in your professional journey. This phase marks the culmination of your preparation efforts, setting the tone for what lies ahead. Ideally, you've already completed your application and fee payment for the exam; however, if not, rest assured that applications are still being accepted until July 22, 2024.
To assist you in your preparation, we offer our Virtual MFM Review Course, scheduled for November 8-10. Each day of the course will delve into critical MFM topics such as critical care, maternal medical complications, genetics, and ultrasound. Sessions will employ a structured case format akin to your oral board exam, facilitated by experienced faculty members. Register now to ensure you're fully equipped for success in your examination.

REI 2025 Certifying Oral Exam Candidates

By now you should have applied and paid the application fee for your exam. If you have not, the application deadline is July 22, 2024. We recommend you attend our Virtual Review Course on December 6-8. This unique course will utilize didactic lectures, structured cases, mock orals, and tips from the experts on case list preparation all designed to keep you engaged and to mimic your actual exam.

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