April 2022 Subspecialty News

Subspecialists taking their 2022 Certifying (ORAL) Exam 

A great way to pull it all together, or salvage what’s left if you procrastinated, is to take advantage of our subspecialty services including Case list mock exam sessions and Thesis mock sessions with our vastly experienced subspecialty faculty for your REI, MFM and FPMRS subspecialty oral exam. Our Do or Die in Dallas can warm you up for your big day with last-minute polishing (or cramming for some) through private sessions on whatever you need … mock orals, structured cases, etc.

Test Taking Technique:
The questions will come at you in rapid fire. Often, the examiner will push you until you finally don’t know the answer. Don’t misinterpret this as failing the question. On the contrary, you probably passed it long before, but the examiner may simply want to explore the depth of your knowledge or at least reassure himself that you will acknowledge your limitations. Let the last question go and focus on the question at hand. Do not let worrying about whether or not you got the last question correct distract you, and thereby compromise you getting a sure pass question correct.

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