March 2019 Subspecialty News

MFM 2019 ORAL Exam Candidates

It’s the last month before your exam – take a deep breath, it’s time for the final sprint! By this point you have done all of the hardest work: your thesis is in (didn’t you submit that a million years ago?!), your case lists have been turned in . . . and hopefully you’ve been making time to read and study. With these last 4 weeks before test day, use your time to its full potential. Make a plan for which topics you’re going to cover by reading or using other study methods. Review your notes. The wisest strategy to use this month is mock orals. There’s no better way to check for gaps in your learning than to put your knowledge to the test!  You’ve got this – the finish line is in sight. Dig your heels in and make the most of this month.

 Structured Cases Tip:

Start working on developing a depth to your differential diagnoses; try to come up with at least three working diagnoses. Also, start with the most logical- when you hear hoof beats, think of a horse before a zebra.  The next question, “How would you work her up?” is dependent upon how you answered the first. Our MFM Structured Cases are now available for purchase and perfect timing in that you are less than 5 weeks away from your exam.

 FPMRS 2019 ORAL Exam Candidates

We are about a month away from show time and anxiety is likely starting to mount. The key to focus on is trying to maintain focus on the areas you are less comfortable with and doing as many run-throughs with mentors, colleagues and ABC as you can.  Keep your mind on high yield topics and review your case list again to brush up on any specifics that you are not 100% comfortable discussing.  You can still sign up for our webinar series and watch archived case presentations.  It is also not too late to sign up for our phone mocks or the Do or Die Mocks in Dallas.  Benefit from the expertise of ABC faculty subspecialists who can focus on specific topics, case list or your thesis.

Make sure you have everything in order regarding your travel plans so there is no additional last-minute stress. Nothing makes a stressful situation worse than a last-minute travel glitch. 

Finally, breathe. You really do know the wouldn't have gotten this far if you didn't. The key is organizing your thoughts enough to articulate what a great clinician you are to the examiners!

Get a head start with ABC’s FPM Structured Cases. These cases will be exceptionally valuable for you as you become familiar with, and ultimately perfect this mode of the exam, as well as to assess your knowledge of a specific topic.

Test Taking Tip: 

The questions will come at you in rapid fire succession. Often times the examiner will push you until you finally don’t know the answer. Don’t misinterpret this as failing the question. On the contrary, you probably passed it long before, but the examiner may simply want to explore the depth of your knowledge or at least reassure himself that you will acknowledge your limitations.

Let the previous question go and focus on the question at hand. Do not let the worry about whether or not you got the last question correct distract you, and thereby compromise your getting a sure pass question correct. Envision your last answer just rolling off your shoulder and dropping onto the floor.

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