Sepember 2022 ABC Advisor

Our September Review Course is a Hybrid!
(in-person and virtual options available)

6-day Review Course for ABOG Oral Exam Candidates

September 13-18

Our review course is filled with focused didactic sessions on OB, REI, Primary Care, Oncology, GYN/Office & FPM.

Afternoon small groups will use an oral exam format to implement and integrate the topics reviewed in the morning session. The faculty facilitated structured cases and sessions on application to your case list will provide opportunities for you to verbalize the answers as you would in the actual exam. Taking a different exam? Our 5-day course applies to you too!

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High Yield Oral Exam Topic

Offering a Free eBook

This month's oral defense tip topic is Oncology: GI Tract Injuries eBook.

ABC is with you every step...

Oncology eBook

Your Oral Exam Homework

Practice makes perfect. This is an oral exam. You can study more, but if you can't persuasively articulate then all that work is for naught. Just reach out and touch, as in the phone. The number of private mock orals is limited only by your stamina.

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Top Pregnancy Workout Apps

Physicians have a great deal of influence on their patients particularly when it comes to adapting to healthy behavior. Counseling your pregnant patients on the benefits of exercise which include controlling weight, lessening leg cramps & back pain, and preparing them for easier delivery. If your patient is new to exercise you might suggest they download an app as a guide. Top three recommendations:

  1. POPSUGAR Fitness (Free App)

  2. The Sculp Society Mama

  3. Prenatal Yoga Center

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Upcoming Deadlines, Events, Dates: 


5th - Labor Day

13th - ABC Oral Exam Workshop

14th - 18th ABC's Live Hybrid Review Course


7th - 8th - AOBOG Fall 2022 Primary Oral Exam

17th - 20th - First week of ABOG Certifying Oral Exam

20th - AOBOG Spring 2023 Primary Qualifying Exam application period opens

20th - AOBOG Spring 2023 Primary Certifying Exam application period opens

Faculty Feature

Nicole Kummer, MD

Dr. Kummer received her BS in Genetics & Cell Development and graduated summa cum laude from the University of Minnesota. She completed her OB/GYN residency at Yale and her REI fellowship at the University of Connecticut. Dr. Kummer is double board-certified in OB/GYN and REI. She became an Assistant Professor at Yale after completing her fellowship and is now in private practice in Arizona. Dr. Kummer is the author of our REI Written Question Manual, REI structured cases and is the director of ABC's Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility subspecialty branch. Dr. Kummer serves as a guest speaker at general OB-GYN courses and is course director for our REI Webinar and Review Course.

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