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Michelle Tucker, MD, FACOG
ABC providing one on one mock orals in Dallas. 

December ABOG oral exam candidates have now received their exact exam day and time. ABC is scheduling a limited number of Do or Die in Dallas sessions. These private mock orals can be on your case list or structured case portion of the test.  Each one-on-one 55-minute sessions are available on a first-come-first served basis.  Contact Angela Hare in our office for more information.

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Test Taking Technique
Case List Strategy  

Make sure you know ALL the categories on each summary sheet, not simply the ones you have applied. This is especially applicable to the office case list, where you may have strategically dodged those dreadful primary care categories. EVERY SINGLE category is fair game on the test. Our Oral Exam FAQs can spoon feed you questions similar to those most frequently asked in each category.

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Upcoming Deadlines, Events & Dates

1st -AOBOG Written and OCC 2017 exam application now open
5th - 8th - ABC faculty in Dallas offering one on one mock orals
9th - CREOG exam fee due $120
14th - ABC's Oral Exam Workshop - Charlotte, NC
15th - 19th - ABC's 5-day Review Course - Charlotte, NC
15th - ABC's Test Taking Skills Workshop w/Martin and Jane Jolley - Charlotte, NC
17th - 19th - ABC's 3-day MFM Interactive Review Course
18th - Last day to submit ABOG written exam application without late fee

3rd - 6th - ABC faculty in Dallas providing mock orals
15th - All 45 MOC articles due 
15th - Last day to apply to sit for ABOG's 2017 MOC written exam
18th - Final deadline to apply for ABOG Written Exam.

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Test Taking Skills Workshop
Wednesday, November 15th  

  • 4 hr workshop in Charlotte, NC
  • Facilitated by educators, Martin & Jane Jolly
  • Use of CQRPE method can increase exam scores up to 20 points
  • Hands-on practice test questions
  • Step by step strategy on taking tests 
  • Workshop $400.  Check out our packages that include workshop and save

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Thanksgiving Facts
Test your knowledge 

1)  Thanksgiving is celebrated only in the United States. 
True or False?
2)  What is the name of the famous rock credited to where the pilgrims first landed?
3)  What was the name of the ship the pilgrims came over on?
4)  Who was the captain of this ship?
5)  In Canada, they celebrate Thanksgiving in what month?
6)  The term "Cornucopia" means what?
7)  The first Thanksgiving in 1621 was believed to have lasted how many days?

1) False, 2) Plymouth, 3) Mayflower, 4) Christopher Jones, 5) October, 6) Horn of Plenty, 7) 3 days

Test Taking Tip 
Written Exam Candidates

Since ABOG no longer reports your score for the written board exam, unfortunately the only resource to gauge your performance is the CREOG in-service-training exam (January 17-20, 2018). Anyone, not just residents, can take the exam, and is STRONGLY advised for those who are repeating their board exam. Don’t worry…the results come only to you. However, the one page application and $120 examination fee is due November 6th. Either e-mail Darya Valantsevich at or call her at 202-863-2548 to arrange this and choose your testing center.

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