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Case List Tip

For subspecialists preparing for their general boards

If you haven't already, make sure to prioritize entering your off-specialty and office lists. These might need extra attention because they differ from what you're used to. Don't spend too much time perfecting your specialty case list – remember, you're taking the general boards. Also, don't assume the examiners will know your specialty and cut you some slack. They only see their section of the exam, so if you're a GYN ONC, for instance, your OB examiners won't know you're an oncologist. Be prepared for anything.

If you need help reviewing your case list, contact Melissa Krauss. Remember, case lists won't be accepted after July 17th for the August 1st submission and after August 2nd for the August 16th submission.

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Written Exam Candidates

It's Countdown Time!

Start by practicing with written questions, but how many? ABC advises:

  • Four weeks - 25 questions per day

  • Three weeks - 50 questions per day

  • Two weeks - 75 questions per day

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Q Banks for the OB/GYN  Now with Study and Test mode options!

Our Q banks for the OB/GYN are an excellent resource to help you prepare for your exam. This computer-based system is a multiple choice, single best answer designed to simulate your written board and CREOG in-service exam, sold in sets of 50 questions.

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Upcoming Deadlines, Events, and Dates:    


1st - Taking submissions for ABC's Comprehensive Case List Review. Contact Melissa Krauss for more information at

16th - Happy Father's Day

18th - First application deadline without late fees for AOBOG Fall Specialty Oral Exam

30th - Candidates notified to submit case lists, exam fee, and photo for 2024 ABOG Certifying Exam


3rd - ABOG 2025 Subspecialty Certifying Exam application deadline

4th - Independence Day

18th - Final application deadline with late fees for AOBOG Fall Specialty Oral Exam

22nd - ABOG 2024 Specialty and Subspecialty Qualifying Exams

22nd - Last day to apply and pay for ABOG 2025 Subspecialty Certifying Exam

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