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Written Exam Candidates

Dr. Das' Test-Taking Techniques:

You probably intuitively knew this, but studies confirm that students usually miss the questions they spent the most time on. Compare this to the lead runner. Turning to look back to see where the other runners are will just slow him/her down. Thus, we recommend you proceed methodically, deliberately, and purposefully answering FIRST those questions for which you know the answer.

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Obesity in Pregnancy

This practice bulletin addresses obesity, the most common medical condition for women of reproductive age.  

ACOG Practice Bulletin #230, June 2021

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Case List Construction Tip

By Krishna Das, MD, ABC Founder

Formatting is the most powerful tool to raise your case list head and shoulders above the others; especially in strategically pulling the examiner to cases YOU want to talk about.

Regardless of the ABOG software limitations, simply putting words in ITALICS, BOLD, CAPITAL LETTERS, and Underline can make all the difference. 

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Upcoming Deadlines, Events, and Dates:


9th - Royal College applied oral exam

14th - Mother's Day

29th - Memorial Day


14th - Flag Day

18th - Father's Day

Practice with Free Written Questions 

Test your knowledge

We are here with you every step! ABC's Advisor blog will post written questions over the next several months. Try this question which comes from one of our Written Question Manuals:

Which ovarian tumor could lead to endometrial intraepithelial neoplasia?

A.    Brenner tumor

B.    Dysgerminoma

C.    Endometrial sinus

D.    Granulosa cell

E.    Immature teratoma

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Comprehensive Case List Review

A well-constructed case list makes all the difference to ensure one can adequately defend it. Having a comprehensive case list review before submission allows you to rework the areas that need it so that you can submit a sure-fire pass case list. ABC's faculty is ready to review your case list.

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