May 2019 Subspecialty News

MFM 2020 ORAL Exam Candidates

It’s still early in the process, but you’re smart to start thinking about this now. Next April will be here before you know it. What should you be working on right now? If you haven’t done so already, this is a great time to just get organized. You should have a clear idea about which project you’re submitting as your thesis. Do you have your thesis affidavit signed by your program director? You’ll need a copy of that, and PD’s are busy folks, so it might be a good idea to try and snag that signature now. It’s also a good time to download the ABOG bulletin so you know exactly how to format your thesis, and your case lists. Remember to de-identify your institution. The thesis can be formatted like the green or gray journal. If it has been published, then most journal’s formats are also acceptable. The case list format is set by ABOG. Spreadsheets and other software cannot be used.  You should also be looking around for interesting cases to compile – it never hurts to have too many cases, you can always comb through the list and choose the best ones later. The more you prepare now, the easier it will be when the deadlines approach!

FPMRS 2020 ORAL Exam Candidates

November 22-24, 2019 is our planned Live FPMRS board review course in Charlotte, NC. Time to start adjusting your call, clinic and OR schedule to make plans to join us for three days of high yield FPMRS lectures and interactive sessions to prepare you for the FPMRS board exams.
Now is a great time to start thinking about strategy for exam taking. The subspecialty exam is similar to the general oral exam in many ways, except now it is something that you are much more familiar with.  Start by gathering cases, flagging office cases that add to the variety of your list.  Additionally, contacting the medical records personnel at your institution to familiarize yourself with the process of pulling surgical records will make your life easier when the time comes to compose your list.  Regarding your thesis, if you have not published yet, it might be a good time to fine-tune the manuscript. Have your advisor or colleague look over your thesis if it is one that is already completed or published. Ensure that it is in the format required by the boards and remove institution identifying information on the manuscript. ABC offers Thesis review services, so this is the time to contact us for information on this and arrange a thesis review if you have any doubts about your thesis.  You have plenty of time so form a study plan now and contact study buddies so that when the time comes, you have all ducks in a row.

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