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Our Online Taking Skills Course will give you an evidence-based proven methodology. Adopting this technique improves CREOG scores on average 1 standard deviation! This may be just what you need to boost you over to a pass for your board exam. $400 (Discounts available for residents.)

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St. Patrick's Day

Interesting facts 

  • St. Patrick was actually associated with the color blue not green. Instead, the Irish independence movement during the 18th century is attributed to the color.
  • St. Patrick was British, not Irish and of Roman descent
  • New York and Chicago celebrate big! New York City has one of the biggest walking parades, over 250,000 participants and since 1962, Chicago celebrates by dumping green dye into the Chicago River. 
  • The traditional meal of corned beef and cabbage has nothing to do with corn. Instead in the process of curing beef, large grains of salt is used also known as "corns." 

Test Taking Technique:

By Dr. Krishna Das, ABC course founder

ABOG set a precedent in 2010 exam by not relinquishing the board exam scores, so candidates received only a pass or fail grade. Thus, the only parameter to gauge or predict Board exam performance is the CREOG in-service-training exam. This month, you received your CREOG results. Don’t cry over spilled milk; rather let’s add some yummy cookies. This report has two pieces of helpful information. One is your raw score. In the past, there was little incentive to correlate board and CREOG performance, so there are only a few studies. However, we believe a score of 200 or more predicts passing your boards. If you didn’t’ score this minimum of 200, you must get crackin’.

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Upcoming Deadlines, Events, Dates:  


1st - AOBOG October 2019 oral exam application now available online. Fee $3,275
2/27 - 3/2 - CREOG APGO Annual Meeting - come visit us!

4th - 3rd series Oral Exam Webinar begins 
11th-16th - OCC exam at local Pearson Vue Centers
24th - 26th - ABC at ACOOG Conference - come visit us!   
30th - ABOG oral application and fee of $840 due 


8th-10th - Book your Dallas mock oral with Dr. Martin, MFM Course Director
8th-11th - Subspecialists oral board exam - Dallas, TX
12th-13th - AOBOG Oral Exam - Chicago, IL     
23rd - ABC's Case List Workshop - Charlotte, NC
24th-28th - ABC's 5-day Review Course - Charlotte, NC
29th- 5/4 - AOBOG Written Exam at Pearson Vue Centers
30th-5/1 - Royal College Exam

Stephanie Persondek, DO, FACOOG

Dr. Persondek went to medical school at Touro University Nevada COM and graduated with honors. She completed her OB/GYN residency at Resurrection Health Care Consortium: MWU/OPTI, Chicago IL. She received multiple teaching awards while there, including Resident Educator of the Year. Dr. Persondek is Adjunct Faculty, Pacific Northwest University College of Osteopathic Medicine. She also writes exam questions for obstetrics and gynecology for the NBOME for use with COMLEX and COMAT. During her transition to Nevada, she hopes to reconnect and begin serving at her medical school Touro University Nevada. She is excited to begin sharing her passion with her colleagues.

Outside of medicine, her biggest passion is travel. With her husband she has traveled to all 7 continents in the last 2.5 years, and drove their camper through all 48 lower states, visiting 45 of the 60 National Parks. Through this journey, they observed vast healthcare and technology deserts in the US. After many long conversations on backcountry roads, they sparked a mission to close the healthcare gaps through the rising field of telemedicine. They have just started a medical technology startup called Outpost Medical Solutions and are working on several patents to improve patient care and increase access to healthcare in rural America.   

ABC is fortunate to have Dr. Persondek as a faculty member. She is currently lecturing for the ABC Oral Webinar and be presenting at the April Course Review in Charlotte, NC.

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OCC Exam Preparation

Exam week: March 11-16, 2019

The examination is now offered at Pearson Vue Centers around the country. This is not an exam to walk into unprepared. The breakdown of the OCC exam is as follows:  

General Obstetrics                       25%
Maternal-Fetal Medicine              10%
Gynecology (office and surgery) 40%
Reproductive Endocrinology       10%
Gynecologic Oncology                10%
Miscellaneous                               5%

Our Written Question Manuals - cover a broad range of questions applicable to your exam

AOBOG Guidance

Written & Oral exam

Preparing for your AOBOG exam this April? A couple of top sellers to ensure you are ready for the big day:



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