Good Luck Written Exam Candidates!


Written Exam Candidates 
One week before your exam: 

  • Mind your mind
  • Go to the Pearson-Vue testing center
  • Review your Test Topics Manual “yellow pages”
  • Daily written questions
  • No studying day before

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Is Caring the Rx for Medicine? 
Guest Speaker, Dr. Abraham Verghese

In the closing talk at the California Health Care Foundation,  Dr. Verghese spoke about the challenges in today's healthcare.  He states that technology has created an empathy void in patient care.  Read more...

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Case List Construction Tip:

Check your list, and check it twice. Don’t trust the computer on calculating the final numbers on your summary sheet. Hand tally to make sure it’s correct. Remember, for Obstetrics & Gynecology you need a minimum of 20 applied cases and exactly 40 total cases in Office Practice. For all three sections, you cannot apply more than two per category.

Chances are you’ve seen only your own case list, but we’ve seen bunches. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Let us help by streamlining the process and helping you to kick out a sure-pass case list with a Comprehensive Case List Review.

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       Upcoming Deadlines, Events, Dates:    


  •    1st - Taking submissions for ABC's Comprehensive Case List Review
  •    3rd - Last day to reserve your seat at Pearson VUE testing centers
  •    18th - Father's Day
  •    26th - ABOG Written Exam at Pearson VUE testing centers
  •    30th - Last day to collect cases for your case list
  •    30th - Last day to apply for Subspecialty Oral exam

Oral Exam Workshop 
September 12

In this workshop we will completely dissect the components of the exam, so you will know exactly what to expect.  You will learn how to see your case list from the examiner’s perspective and review the strategy to nail the structured cases. 

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Faculty Feature - Case List Reviewer
Kerry Griffin, MD, FACOG

Dr. Griffin graduated from the University of South Alabama College of Medicine and stayed on for his OB/GYN residency.  He received numerous awards during his residency including best teaching resident.  Dr. Griffin is in private practice in Enterprise, AL. Along with reviewing case lists for ABC, Dr. Griffin will be lecturing at our September review course. 

"I Passed my Boards!!!! I am in tears as I write this! I had a wonderful experience with my mock orals and especially my last one with Dr. Griffin."

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