July 2024 ABC Advisor

ABC can review your case list

Finish your Case List

It's your number ONE & ONLY priority

We recommend revising your list twice for optimal quality, as the initial draft is typically not sufficient. We are currently receiving case lists for review by our ABC faculty. Please note the deadlines: July 25th for submission by August 1st and August 8th for submission by August 16th. For further details, please reach out to Melissa Krauss.

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ABC's Interactive Oral Board Review Course

August 13-18, 2024

This month, you will receive notification of your assigned test month. Our Interactive Review Course is strategically scheduled to aid in your exam preparation. You can attend online or in person at the MAHEC Education Campus in Asheville, NC.

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Are you preparing to take your Oral Exam in 2025?

Dr. Das' fast-track advice

If you are fast-tracking for the 2025 oral exam, you will typically begin collecting your cases in July. Even though you cannot usually apply for the exam until February, if you wait that long to start collecting your cases, you're already behind - don't make that mistake.

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Upcoming Deadlines, Events, and Dates: 


4th - Independence Day

18th - AOBOG final application deadline for Fall 2024 Primary Oral Exam

22nd - ABOG Specialty and Subspecialty Qualifying Exam

22nd - Last day to apply and pay for ABOG 2025 Certifying Exam

25th - Last day to submit case list to ABC for August 1st submission


1st - ABOG final case list submission deadline without exam fee for Certifying Exam candidates

8th - Last day to submit case list to ABC for August 16th submission

13th - ABC's Oral Exam Workshop

14th-18th - ABC's Hybrid Board Review Course in Asheville, NC

16th - ABOG final case list submission deadline with exam fee for Certifying Exam candidates

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