July 2023 ABC Advisor

ABC can review your case list

Finish your Case List

It's your number ONE & ONLY priority

Ideally, try to revise your list twice, as the first draft is never satisfactory. What kind of questions would you ask? We are now accepting case lists for review by our ABC faculty. Keep in mind that no case lists will be accepted after July 27th for August 1st submission and August 11th for August 16th submission. Please contact Melissa Krauss for more information.

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Calm your mind even in the midst of preparing for your upcoming exam

From Healthy Women's Website

Studying for your Written, Oral, or MOC exam is often a stressful time in life. Studies show that implementing regular meditation can increase gray matter and volume in parts of your brain. The result is more cognition, memory, perspective, and less stress. Recognizing that physicians have limited free time each day, these three simple methods can have positive results.

  1. At bedtime, try Yogic Sleep or Yoga Nidra - free audio apps you can play as you prepare for sleep.

  2. Walking Meditation - be present by noticing different areas in your body from your toes to the top of your head. This practice can help clear your mind and stay mindful of the moment.

  3. Colorful coloring - it's not just for children. Grab your colored pencils & pay attention to your breath. Combining the two can have a calming effect.

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ABC's Interactive Oral Board Review Course

August 15-20, 2023

This is the month that you will hear which test month you have been assigned. Our Interactive Review Course is perfectly timed to help prepare you for your exam. You have the option of attending virtually or in person. The course will be held at the MAHEC Education Campus in Asheville, NC.

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Are you preparing to take your Oral Exam in 2024?

Dr. Das' fast-track advice

If you are fast-tracking for the 2024 oral exam, you will typically begin collecting your cases in July. Even though you cannot normally apply for the exam until February 2024, if you wait that long to start collecting your cases, you're already behind - BIG MISTAKE!

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Upcoming Deadlines, Events, and Dates: 


4th - Independence Day

20th - AOBOG final application deadline for Fall 23 Primary Oral Exam

24th - ABOG Qualifying Exam

27th - Last day to submit case list to ABC for August 1st submission


11th - Last day to submit case list to ABC for August 16th submission

16th - ABOG final case list submission with exam fee for Certifying Exam candidates

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