July 2016 ABC Advisor


Finish your Case List 
It's your number ONE & ONLY priority  

Ideally, try to revise your list at least twice, as the first draft is never satisfactory. Dr. Das’ book, Pass Your Oral OB/GYN Board Exam is a great step-by-step guide.  Stand back and examine your list as if you were the examiner and not the candidate. What kind of questions would you ask?

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Calm your mind even in the midst of preparing for your upcoming exam
From Healthy Women website 

Studying for your Written, Oral, MOC or OCC exam is often a stressful time in your life.  Studies show that implementing a regular meditation can increase gray matter and volume in parts of your brain.  The result is more cognition, memory, perspective and less stress. Recognizing that physicians have a limited amount of free time each day three simple methods can have positive results. 

  1. At bedtime try Yogic sleep or Yoga Nidra - there are free audio apps that you can play as you prepare for sleep 
  2. Walking Meditation - be present by noticing different areas in your body from your toes to the top of your head.  This practice can help clear your mind and stay mindful in the moment
  3. Colorful coloring - it's not just for children.  Grab your colored pencils & pay attention to your breath. Combining the two can have a calming effect

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Upcoming Deadlines, Events, Dates:  

1st - 2017 ABOG Oral Exam Candidates - start collecting cases
1st - ABC faculty conducting Comprehensive Case List Reviews through August
4th - Celebrate our Country's Indepence!
5th - AOBOG fee for 2016 fall oral exam extended deadline of $3275 due

1st - ABOG case list and examination fee of $975 due


Are you preparing to take your Oral Exam in 2017?
Dr. Das' fast track advice   

If you elect the fast track for the 2017 oral exam, you will begin collecting your cases JULY 1. Even though you cannot apply for the exam until February, 2017, if you wait that long to start collecting your cases, you’re already SEVEN months behind – BIG MISTAKE! 

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Structured Cases Workshop 
September 14 and November 16 

This four hour workshop consists of some quick didactics on exam format and strategy. The majority of the time is devoted to individual and partner exercises, practicing 8 cases on OB, GYN, Office GYN, REI, Primary Care, Perioperative Management, and Oncology.  Offered first evening of ABC's review course in Charlotte, NC

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Rapid Recert
ABC now offering Rapid Recert products  

ABC has aligned with Rapid Recert to offer a number of their materials suited to OB/GYN physicians.  They are:

2016 Compendium Review: A 300-page review of every Practice Bulletin and Committee Opinion published by ACOG, current as of December 2015
2009-2015 Reading List Highlights: A 99-page review of the most important assigned readings from the Board, from the last six years
QuizWhiz: an online database of Board-level questions, designed to complement the Compendium Review (soon to be released on our website)

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