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Subspecialty Webinars - FPMRS, MFM, REI
Begins in February

We've got a great way to start the New Year. ABC fills the information gap identified by subspecialists frustrated with a deficiency in their oral exam prep. ABC has put together a dynamic team specific to FPMRS, MFM and REI to help you prepare and pass your subspecialty exam. Each subspecialty webinar consists of:
  • 1-hour webcasts on high yield topics
  • Attend live for one or all sessions or learn on your own time by accessing the archives.
  • Each session is focused on reviewing Structured Cases to practice articulation and to grasp key concepts.
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ABOG Certifying Computer-Based Exam
Are you ready?

2020 was a year of changes and adaptations. The ABOG Oral exam was no exception. Rest assured that ABC is here to help prepare you for these changes. Our Written Questions Online and Q-Banks will give you the practice you need to prepare for this exam.
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Sub-Specialty Exam Case List Tip
by Amos Adelowo, MD, FACOG

You will now need to use the case list form which you can access in your ABOG personal page. Your case list must be in the proper format and with the required number of cases. Note: Paper Case List is NOT acceptable. You've come to far to have this all go wrong just because of timing!
We have FPMRS, MFM and REI Faculty on hand to review your case list.
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Upcoming Deadlines, Events, Dates: 

1st - Happy New Year
1st - ABOG applications for MOC Program opens
8th - AOBOG applications due for Spring 2021 Sub-Specialty Oral Exam
15th - AOBOG late application deadline for Spring 2021 Sub-Specialty Oral Exam

1st - ABOG 2021 Subspecialty Certifying Exam Case List deadline
2nd - ABOG Certifying Oral Computer-Based Exam
8th - ABC Early Bird Special ends for the April 2021 Virtual Review Course
12th - AOBOG application due for Spring 2021 Oral Exam - Cap Reached
28th - ABC Sub Specialty Webinars starts

Pondering making New Year's Resolutions?

During this time of New Year's resolutions, why not make gratitude and giving take the place of creating ambitious goals that usually don't last anyway. Consider the following:

Being grateful
- For most of us, if we look around, we will see we have all we need and more. Writing down each day what you are grateful for is a great practice in seeing the many gifts we have in life. Even adversity and painful experiences can be powerful lessons in being thankful. This practice can be life changing - moving you from a life of complaining to a life of kindheartedness and appreciation.

Give to others
- Your time, tithes and offerings go a long way toward paying bills and meeting the tangible needs of your community. Or give to an organization you believe in, especially those smaller organizations low on funding. Beside it promoting cooperation, trust, and social connection, giving has an even greater impact on ourselves. It has the potential to decrease stress, increase oxytocin and overall makes us happier people.

Written Exam Strategy
The significance of your CREOG score

New for 2021, ABOG will now report your score on the Qualifying Exam, but a good indicator of how you will do on the exam is still your CREOG in-service training exam scores. If you're a chief resident, you must use this as a gauge to predict Qualifying board exam performance. Anything less than a 200 score is cause for concern. We can help you create a study plan.
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