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Dr. Hazeem Kanaan

Dr. Roger Lefevre

Hazeem Kanaan, DO, FACOOG
AOBOG & ABOG Oral Exam Webinar faculty lecturer

We’ve got a great way to start out the New Year. Hazeem Kanaan, Diane Evans and Mitch Khan, start our Oral Exam Webinar on February 6th. We guarantee to get through the AOBOG core topics by the April test dates. You will receive a FREE ½ hour telephone mock oral exam when purchasing all 3 series! Since its debut in 2011, we’ve been batting a 99% AOBOG oral exam pass rate for webinar attendees.  This webinar is also applicable for those preparing for their OCC exam in March.

Roger Lefevre, MD, FACOG
FPMRS Oral Exam Webinar faculty lecturer

This webinar will help you prepare for and pass your FPMRS oral board exam. Structured cases are sprinkled throughout so you can immediately apply your knowledge. Weekly 1 hour sessions will review high yield topics. Begins January 8th.

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Dallas Mock Oral appts still available 
Are you ready?  

Take advantage of our Do or Die in Dallas service next week. When we say, “We’re with you every step,” we mean that literally. Dr. Quinn Peeper will be right there in Dallas the week of your exam. He will do whatever it takes to get YOU feeling confident just before your test. 

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Upcoming Deadlines, Events & Dates:

1st - Happy New Year
8th-11th - ABC faculty in Dallas offering private mock orals
8th - ABC's FPMRS Oral Exam Webinar begins 
9th - AOBOG OCC March exam application and exam fee of $1525 due
13th - Deadine to apply for 2017 Royal College CA exam. 4,155$ CAD 
16th - AOBOG April Oral Exam application due.  $3,275 fee
26-30th - CREOG in training examination 

1st - ABOG Oral Exam application now open. $840 application fee
1st - All Subspecialty Case Lists are due to ABOG
6th - ABC Oral Exam Webinar begins
21st - AOBOG Written Exam extended application deadline. $1425 application + late fee

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Pondering making New Year's Resolutions?  

During this time of New Year’s resolutions, why not make gratitude and giving take the place of creating ambitious goals that usually don’t last anyway.  Consider:

Being gratefulFor most of us, if we look around, we will see we have all we need and more.  Writing down each day what you are grateful for is a great practice in seeing the many gifts we have in life.  Even adversity and painful experiences can be powerful lessons in being thankful.  This practice can be life changing – moving you from a life of complaining to a life of kindheartedness and appreciation.

Give to othersYour time, tithes and offerings go a long way toward paying bills and meeting the tangible needs of your community. Or give to an organization you believe in, especially those smaller organizations low on funding.  Beside it promoting cooperation, trust and social connection, giving has even greater impact on ourselves.  It has the potential to decrease stress, increase oxytocin and overall makes us happier people.


Case List Tip for MFM's
by Stephanie Romero, MD, FACOG

Happy New Year, MFM oral exam candidates! Your case list is due to ABOG by 5pm on February 1st. Make sure you have it copied and formatted according to their guidelines, and sent via a reliable carrier with plenty of time to meet that deadline. You’ve come too far to have this all go wrong just because of timing! Don’t forget, there will be an opportunity to have your case list reviewed and for mock orals during the SMFM annual meeting in Las Vegas this month. 

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Written Exam Strategy
The significance of your CREOG score 

ABOG no longer reports your objective score on the exam. So residents have no idea if they sailed through or missed passing by one point. So unfortunately, now the only correlate is the CREOG in-service-training exam. If you’re a chief resident, you must use this as a gauge to predict board performance, so you must/should prepare for this. Anything less than a 200 score is cause for concern.  We can help you create a study plan.

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