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Written Exam Prep Course

April 1-5 - Charlotte, NC

You will be taught not only content but also how to take a written test. At the course, you will practice those skills daily in a simulated exam environment. When your real test day arrives, it will feel like just another practice day! You will walk into the exam with confidence.

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Test Taking Technique
ABOG and AOBOG Written Candidates

You pretty much have to know everything about OB/GYN. However, for you “lists folk,” both of the boards give a breakdown of the categories.

You ABOG folk go to the 2020 Bulletin via abog.org for a list of topics covered on the exam. They break it down by OB, GYN, Office Practice/Preventative/Primary Care, and Cross Content areas. Although the examples in parentheses are not meant to be all-inclusive, you would be a fool to not know them.   

You AOBOG folk go to aobog.org and click on “Exam Content Outline”. Yours are broken down into GYN, GYN ONC, REI, OB, MFM. Notice you don’t have Cross Content topics.

Case List Construction Tip:
By Dr. Krishna Das, ABC Course Founder

A patient can only be counted ONCE on your case list, but how do you enter her if she had more than one surgery or hospitalization in the same year of collections? ABOG does not give you any guidance. We recommend that you list her once, but separate the two cases by a full blank space or line. For example, let’s say you did an endometrial ablation for heavy menstrual bleeding in July. However, 9 months later, she is still plagued with AUB and you perform a hysterectomy 

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Upcoming Deadlines, Events, Dates: 


3rd - AOBOG 2020 Subspecialty Certifying Exam case List deadline
14th - Happy Valentine's Day
17th - 20th - ABOG Certifying Oral Exam
19th - ABC's MFM Webinar series 1 starts
20th - ABC's REI webinar series 1 starts
20th - ABC's FPMRS Webinar series 1 starts
24th - 2020 ABOG Certifying Exam applications available
28th - AOBOG application due for spring 2020 written exam


1st - AOBOG applications available for FALL 2020 Primary Oral & Subspecialty Oral Exams
24th - 2020 ABOG Certifying Exam applications available
29th - AOBOG late application deadline for spring 2020 written exam

Happy Valentine's Day
True Facts

  • Valentine's Day started with the Roman's
  • Passing out valentine's is 600 year old tradition
  • Candy hearts were originally medical lozenges
  • 15% of women send roses to themselves on Valentine's DayValentine's Day is the 2nd largest seasonal card sending occasion of the year, after Christmas
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