April 2020 Subspecialty News

Subspecialists taking their 2020 ORAL Exam 

Usually, this is the point where we start to tell you about the final couple of weeks of your preparation for the subspecialty exam and services we have in place for you in Dallas. But as you all are aware with ongoing world events with COVID-19 pandemic the previously scheduled ABOG subspecialty examination is now postponed without a definite date as of yet. So as most of you have been preparing and have been in the Zone to take the exam, now it is time to regroup and strategize. Well if there is one thing you cannot do, “it will be to just close all your books and prep material while you wait for the announcement of the new exam date”. You have the momentum now so come up with a schedule to continue reviewing your material on a weekly basis as you rotate through different topics to stay in the Zone. Dedicate the time to read your thesis manuscript and look over your results and review those statistical analyses. Set a goal of doing structured cases every week.

We have our FPMRS Structured cases, MFM Structured Cases, and REI Structured Cases products to help you with this.

Coming soon……. FPMRS Frequently Asked Question Manual (FPMRS FAQ Manual) This is a great study tool in the works that we will be releasing soon to help you look over questions that you can provide rapid answers to or have your spouse and partner quiz you with. Check on our website on the update to the availability of this important tool for your preparation.

Test Taking Technique:
Just remember 70%. That’s all you need to pass the exam.  You do not need, nor will you likely get, 100% of the questions correct. The questions will come at you in rapid fire. Often times, the examiner will push you until you finally don’t know the answer. Don’t misinterpret this as failing the question. On the contrary, you probably passed it long before, but the examiner may simply want to explore the depth of your knowledge or at least reassure himself that you will acknowledge your limitations. Let the last question go and focus on the question at hand. Do not let worrying about whether or not you got the last question correct distract you, and thereby compromise you getting a sure pass question correct. Remember, just 70%!

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