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Our best selling Written Questions Manuals are available online and by subscription. Do you only need them for your June exam? No problem! We have a 1-3 month subscriptions or a 1 year subscription available for those who want to get a head start on their CREOG's in 2020.

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ACOG's FAQ's for OB/GYN's

With the ever changing information on COVID-19, it can be hard to keep up with. Check out these helpful FAQ articles for OB/GYN physicians from ACOG.

ACOG Article Online - Gynecology

ACOG Article Online - Obstetrics


AOBOG Oral Exam candidates 

Test Taking Advice by Krishna Das, MD


Just remember 70%. That’s all you need to pass the exam. You do not need, nor will you likely get, 100% of the questions correct. 

The questions will come at you in rapid fire. Often times the examiner will push you until you finally don’t know the answer. Don’t misinterpret this as failing the question. On the contrary, you probably passed it long before, but the examiner may simply want to explore the depth of your knowledge or at least reassure himself that you will acknowledge your limitations.


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Upcoming Deadlines, Events, Dates:     


1-5th - ABC's Web based 5-day review course

12th - Happy Easter

13 - 18th - POSTPONED AOBOG Written Exam, Pearson Vue Testing Centers

22nd - Earth Day

24-25th - POSTPONED AOBOG General & Sub-specialty Oral Exam, Chicago, IL

27-30th - POSTPONED ABOG Subspecialty Oral Exam

28 - 29th- POSTPONED Royal Canadian Written Exam


10th – Mother’s Day

25th - Memorial Day

22th - Final deadline to apply for ABOG Specialty Exam


Written Exam Candidates

We are here with you every step! Check out our Facebook page for weekly questions starting March 28th which will run right up to your written exam. Try this question which comes from one of our Written Question Manuals:


Recurrent cystitis is best defined as:

  1. A) > 2 UTI in 6 months
  2. B) > 5 UTI in 1 year
  3. C) > 102 colony-forming units noted on urine culture
  4. D) > 105 colony-forming units noted on urine culture

Best Answer: A

Faculty Feature

Michael Carson, MD

Meet one of our outstanding review course lecturers. Dr. Carson is a Board Certified Internist who obtained his A.B. from Lafayette College, his M.D. from Temple University, and completed his Internal Medicine Residency and Chief Residency at Brown University. He continued at Brown for a fellowship in Obstetric and Consultative Medicine. Currently, he holds a dual appointment as Core Associate Professor in the Departments of Medicine and OB/Gyn at Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine at Seton Hall. He is Vice-Chair of Research/Outcomes for the Department of Medicine at Jersey Shore UMC in Neptune, NJ, and currently Vice President of the North American Society of Obstetric Medicine (NASOM). He is on the editorial staff of Obstetric Medicine, a reviewer for the Annals of Internal Medicine and Women's Health, has published his research, and is a leader in educating internists about caring for medical disorders during pregnancy. While Dr. Das says, in only the way she can, "Dr. Carson KNOWS us OB/GYNs well and is the perfect guy to torture us with primary care and medical complications of pregnancy”. In his words, he takes pride in the fact that his experience as a consultant to OB/Gyns and an educator of physicians allows him to present information, that’s not necessarily in your wheelhouse, in a way that will help you retain what you need to pass the boards and provide excellent care.
Dr. Carson also has a wonderful sense of humor and loves to keep us laughing. 

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