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Written Exam Candidates 
Test Taking Technique: 

Make sure you carefully note the qualifiers in the stem question, such as EXCEPT, LEAST/MOST likely, BEST etc. The ABOG written board is known for their NEGATIVELY worded questions, and these are especially challenging. For example, if I say, “DON’T think of the clear turquoise water of the Caribbean.” What do you think of? Yeah, the clear, cool, sparkling, blue waters of the Caribbean, plus warm breezes, bikinis, etc. Here’s a strategy on how to not succumb to their trap. Change a negative stem to a positive one BEFORE you begin to find the best answer.

  1. Circle the negative word in the stem
  2. Omit the negative word and read the stem as a positive statement
  3. Mark each alternative with T, F, or ? (so all but one will be true)
  4. Select the false answer 

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Top rated APPS
Check out these helpful apps for physicians

MedLinx physician editors reviewed and recommended the follow free apps.
GoodRx For Doctors - This app compares prices of frequently prescribed medicines in your neighborhood retail pharmacies. 

OHN SBIRT - contains clinical questionnaires developed by the Univ. of California. A great screening tool for depression, anxiety, substance or alcohol abuse.
MMWR - get the very latest public health information from the CDC like Zika virus updates, flu activity & concentration in the US.

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AOBOG Oral Exam candidates
Test Taking Advice by Krishna Das, MD

Just remember 70%. That’s all you need to pass the exam.  You do not need, nor will you likely get, 100% of the questions correct.

The questions will come at you in rapid fire. Often times the examiner will push you until you finally don’t know the answer. Don’t misinterpret this as failing the question. On the contrary, you probably passed it long before, but the examiner may simply want to explore the depth of your knowledge or at least reassure himself that you will acknowledge your limitations.

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 Upcoming Deadlines, Events, Dates:    

  6th - ABC's Online Review Course opens
  17 - 22nd - AOBOG Written exam, Chicago, IL
  18th - ABC's Case List Workshop - Charlotte, NC
  19-23rd - ABC's 5 day review course - Charlotte, NC 
  20th - Jolleys Test Taking Skills Workshop - Charlotte, NC
  21-22nd - AOBOG Oral Exam, Chicago, IL
  22nd - Earth Day   
  28th - ABOG oral application deadline

  2nd - ABOG Subspecialty Oral exam fees & applications due
  2-3rd  - Royal Canadian Written exam
  16th - OSCE - Canadian Royal Oral exam, Ottawa, CA 


Practice with Free Written Questions 
Test your knowledge

We are here with you every step!  ABC's Advisor blog will post written questions over the next several months.  In addition, check out our Facebook page for weekly questions starting April 4th which will run right up to your written exam.  Try this question which comes from one of our Written Question Manuals:

OB, Preconception Counseling #1
Smoking is associated with all of the following, except:

1.      Decrease in birth weight
2.      Ectopic pregnancy
3.      Placenta accreta
4.      Preterm delivery
5.      Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

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Faculty Feature
Chris Robinson, MD, MSCR, FACOG

Meet one of our outstanding review course lecturers.  Dr. Robinson is double boarded in general OB/GYN and MFM and is an Assistant Professor at Medical University of South Carolina. He has published extensively and is a reviewer for five journals and recognized in the top 5% of reviewers.  

"He was awesome.  He made OB fun!"

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