Why Choose ABC?

ABC is a Board Review course that provides a streamlined, exam-focused review by our WOW faculty.

If your first step is the WRITTEN board exam, you can do it--we can help. Every single lecture will point out the written exam focus and conclude with sample written questions. An optional evening session discusses exam strategy. The spring course offers an elective extensive four hour evening session on analyzing your written exam performance. This is taught by a team of professional education specialists to assure your scores are commensurate with your knowledge.

OK, if your next step is the ORAL board exam, you can do it--we can help. Every single lecturer will point out the oral exam focus. You also receive a handout of expected test questions following every lecture. You may select an ABC faculty member to give you a private mock oral exam. If you're taking your ABOG ORAL exam, there are numerous optional evening sessions dedicated to constructing and defending your case list. If you're taking your AOBOG CLINICAL exam, the schedule is highlighted with the core topics. An AOBOG certified osteopathic physician walks you through each of the ten core topics and the anticipated test questions. Course director, Dr. Krishna Das, will join you and your osteopathic colleagues for a special luncheon to make sure you eat, drink, and sleep those ten core topics.

If your last step is to re-certify, you can do it--we can help. The exam focused lectures will make it crystal clear how to efficiently and almost effortlessly prepare for your written Maintenance of Certification exam. Course director, Dr. Krishna Das will sit down with you for a quick pep talk and strategy session.

A few of the things you'll appreciate about ABC:

  • You'll learn how to phrase answers when being examined (it's not just about the content of your answers)
  • The completeness and accuracy of information presented
  • The enthusiasm and energy of the speakers, as well as contemporary teaching/topics/management
  • The pace of the lectures and focus on both oral and written technique
  • Evidenced based teaching
  • Peer reviewed data
  • ACOG Driven / National Standard
  • Exam Focused
  • Full Time Dedicated Staff
  • American Owned - American Based

Regardless of whether you are preparing for your ABOG or AOBOG exams, your written, oral or clinical boards, ABC is with you every step in obtaining and maintaining your board certification.

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