January 2016 ABC Advisor


Marc Jean-Gilles, DO, FACOOG, FACOG
Oral Exam Webinar faculty lecturer

We’ve got a great way to start out the New Year. Marc Jean-Giles, DO and Diane Evans, DO start our Oral Exam Webinar on February 1st. We guarantee to get through the new AOBOG core topics by the April test dates. For every month of registration, you will receive a FREE ½ hour telephone mock oral exam! Since its debut in 2011, we’ve been batting a 99% AOBOG oral exam pass rate for webinar attendees. 

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Dallas Mock Orals appts still available 
Are you ready?  

Take advantage of our Do or Die in Dallas service next week. When we say, “We’re with you every step,” we mean that literally. Dr. Quinn Peeper will be right there in Dallas the week of your exam. He will do whatever it takes to get YOU feeling confident just before your test. 

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Upcoming Deadlines, Events & Dates:

1st - Happy New Year
10th-13th - ABC faculty in Dallas offering private mock orals
21st-23rd - CREOG in training examination 

1st - ABC Oral Exam Webinar begins
1st - ABOG Oral Exam application open. $840 application fee
1st - AOBOG oral Exam application due.  $3250 examination fee 
1st - AOBOG OCC April exam application and exam fee of $1200 due
23rd - AOBOG written exam application is due 

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Keep those New Year's Resolutions  
Fast Company shares tips 

  • Keep resolutions a top priority all year
  • Make it a daily habit 
  • Make resolutions you can do not should do     
  • Ask others to hold you accountable 
  • Motivate others to join you 
  • Assign a number or figure to your resolutions 
  • Record your progress often

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Written Exam Tip

ABOG set a precedent in 2010 by not relinquishing ABOG written exam scores, so candidates received just a pass or fail grade. This is unfortunate, as one didn’t know if they missed passing by one point or twenty points. Obviously, this would greatly influence one’s strategy for the next go around.

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Oral Exam Strategy
Practice, Practice, Practice 

Remember this is an oral exam, so you must practice articulating out loud. Our Structured Cases CDs eerily simulates the exam topics and setting. They not only give you the format, but more importantly, the answers, so you can learn the expected depth and breadth of your answers. They are so easy to conduct and your mock oral examiner doesn’t even need medical knowledge. We advise against using your mother as an examiner, because once she learns the format, she’ll be torturing you all the time with her offers to “help”.

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