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Quinn Peeper, MD, FACOG
ABC faculty and editor of ABC's Frequently Asked Questions manual will be in Dallas 

Another holiday to get through before the January ABOG oral exam. Dr. Peeper will once again be conducting mock orals from January 10-13. These private mock orals can be on your case list or structured case portion of the test.  Each one-on-one 55 minute sessions are limited and are on a first-come first served basis.  Contact Angela Hare in our office for more information.

"I appreciate you working on the fly and focusing on the areas I felt least confident in.”  SH

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Oral Exam Tip
Structured Case Strategy 

Your exam will start with the Structured Cases. The lead-in question is brief – just a few words or no more than a sentence. About half are immediately followed by three questions:           

  • What is your differential diagnosis?
  • How would you work up the patient?
  • How would you manage her?

Everyone on the day of your exam is asked the same case. This portion of the exam reflects the Board’s attempt to standardize the exam. The cases are straightforward management down the algorithm pathway. Work on developing a depth to your differential diagnoses; try to come up with at least three working diagnoses. Also, start with the most logical- when you hear hoof beats, think of a horse before a zebra.  The next question, “How would you work her up?” is dependent upon how you answered the first. 

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Upcoming Deadlines, Events & Dates:

6th-9th - ABC faculty in Dallas offering one on one mock orals
15th - All of your 45 articles from this year are due
15th - Last day to take your Part III: Written MOC exam
18th - Final deadline for ABOG Written exam application and examination fee of $2295 which includes late fee
25th - Merry Christmas from ABC

1st - Happy New Year
10th-13th - ABC faculty in Dallas offering one on one mock orals
21st-23rd - CREOG in training examination 

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Diagnostic Test Question Bank
CREOG prep   

  • Comprised of 105 ob/gyn questions per bank
  • Provides feedback and diagnoses common error patterns 
  • Questions, answers and references 
  • Format is similar to the ABOG written exam

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Give the gift of experiences instead of things this holiday season  

Research shows people who spend their money towards experiences, travel & memories are happier.  Here are some ideas for you to consider from the website:

Children:  field trip to the zoo, ball game, movies or hike
Food Lover:  home cooked meal, 6 months of a monthly dessert, bread, etc 
Art Lover:  take them to the museum, art gallery or buy them season passes  

Spouse or Parent: free night of babysitting, pledge to do the dishes for a year, weekend away

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Written Exam Strategy
Outline a systematic plan now

If this is your first time to take the exam and you have historically performed at least average on your CREOG in-service-training exam, it’s now time to develop a study plan. Begin by doing some soul searching to develop a realistic plan. Make sure to plan to take at least two days off in order to avoid burn out and start first with the MUST KNOW topics. 

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