October 2015 ABC Advisor


Krishna Das, MD, FACOG
ABC Course Director to provide one on one mock orals in Dallas. 

November Oral exam candidates have now received their exact exam day and time.  ABC is now scheduling Do or Die in Dallas sessions. These private mock orals can be on your case list or structured case portion of the test.  Each one on one 55 minute sessions are limited and are on a first-come first served basis.  Contact Angela Hare in our office for more information.

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Oral Exam Tip
Case List Strategy 

The strategy for GUESSING depends on the exam component. If you are defending your case list, then GUESS only if you are reasonably (80%) sure. For example, if you are asked, “What does the CA of CA-125 stand for?” Some possible answers might include:

  • If you don’t know the exact answer, but do know something about the topic, then qualify your answer with what you do know, such as “I know it is a laboratory serum tumor marker for epithelial ovarian cancers. It is most helpful as a marker for recurrence of disease but has limitations as a screening tool.  I cannot recall what the CA stands for, but I can readily look it up in our laboratory reference manual at my office”
  •  If it’s vaguely familiar, it is better to respond, “I cannot recall at this time”
  • If you have absolutely no idea, then respond, “I don’t know”

(FYI – The answer is “Cancer Antigen”) 

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Upcoming Deadlines, Events & Dates:

1st - ABOG Written exam application and examination fee of $1470 are both due 
1st -AOBOG Written and Oral Spring 2016 exam application now open
5th - ABC's Structured Cases Webinar, Series 2 begins
21st-25th - ACOOG Fall Conference, Orlando, FL

1st - ABOG Written exam application now available online $1470 fee
1st -AOBOG Written and Oral Spring 2016 exam application now open
1st-4th - ABC faculty in Dallas offering one on one mock orals
2nd - Structured Cases Webinar, Series 3 begins

18th-22nd - ABC's 5-day Review Course

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MOC Workshop
Tuesday, November 17th  

  • 8 hr workshop in Charlotte, NC
  • Condensed review of MOC articles that overlap with the Compendium from past 5 years
  • Practice test questions
  • Strategy on your selectives
  • Take home binder as study guide

Not able to attend workshop?  We also offer the workshop binder or our all inclusive MOC Home Study Package   

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Americans graze during most of their waking hours 
Study tracks meal intake and health risks  

An app monitored 150 volunteers for 3 weeks and found that the food they consumed ranged over 15 hours vs. 10-12 hours as reported. Participants also consumed less than 1/4 of their calories before noon and more than 1/3 of their intake after 6pm. 

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Case List Tip 
Chief Residents Planning A Subspecialty Fellowship

You’re almost halfway through your academic year. You will never rotate again on certain subspecialties. It’s critical that you track those for which you will need to collect cases and strategically choose those during the rotation. Better yet, keep a list of all the cases so you have the luxury to choose which ones you want to keep. You want your case list to reflect a depth and breadth of general OB/GYN. Remember, once you leave your residency, it becomes a logistical nightmare to go back and collect cases. 

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