September 2015 ABC Advisor


Matt McDonald, MD, FACOG
McDonald to lecture on Oncology during our September Review Course 

Dr. McDonald completed his residency at Carolinas Medical center and his Gyn Oncology fellowship at the University of Kentucky.  He is renowned for his charismatic and engaging lecture style.  His lectures come with written exam questions and oral defense tips.  Dr. McDonald is also one of our Structured Cases Webinar lecturers.

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Case List Study Tip 

Another sure fire way to learn your cases, as well as have some fun coloring, is to get out your four favorite colored highlighters. Use the same color for ALL the cases with the following commonalities: labs, imaging, medications, and surgeries. For example, everything highlighted in blue are medications. Each area has characteristic features. In this example, for each medication identify the generic/brand name, mechanism of action, indications, etc. Enter the data on a flashcard or in your phone and quiz yourself in between cases or awaiting a delivery. 

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Upcoming Deadlines, Events & Dates:

1st - ABOG Written exam application now available online $1470 fee
7th - ABC's Structured Cases Webinar begins
15th - ABC's MOC Workshop and Oral Exam Workshop - Charlotte, NC 
15th - 2016 Oral Exam Application due for those in the Accelerated Process
16th - ABC's 4-hr Structured Cases Workshop - Charlotte, NC
16-20th - ABC's five day review course - Charlotte, NC

1st - ABOG Written exam application and examination fee of $1470 are both due 
5th - ABC's Structured Cases Webinar Series 2 begins

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Structured Cases Webinar
First Series begins September 7th  

Each weekly 1 hour session will cover four case-of the-days. Sign up for one, two, or all three months, and walk away with 72 cases.  Unique to the webinar format is the opportunity to jump right and practice, or if you choose, sit back and observe.   Not sure?  Try one free session on us!

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ACOG Headlines: 
Health risks of using feminine products 

NIH received a letter from House Legislators this week requesting an update on past research related to the materials used in feminine hygiene products and potential risks to women. 


Study Tip for Written Exam

The CREOG exam is in three months, of which two are holiday months. Time will slip away quickly. If your residency does not have a regimented CREOG prep course, you need to develop a study schedule now. Kill two birds with one stone by using the ABOG written board learning objectives as your guide. Simply go to the General OB/GYN Bulletin on your home page.
Anyone can take the exam, even non-residents, so we strongly recommend them if you had failed your written board exam.  Just contact Darya Valantsevich at You must register by November, 2015. 

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