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Written Exam Candidates 
Dr. Das' Test Taking Technique: 

You probably intuitively knew this, but studies confirm that students usually miss the questions they spent the most time on. Compare this to the lead runner. Turning to look back to see where the other runners are will just slow him down. Thus, we recommend you proceed methodically, deliberately and purposefully answering FIRST those questions for which you clearly know the answer

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Randomized trial examines the use of pessaries in reduction of preterm birth
From Wolters Kluwer Up to Date 

One of the largest studies involving 932 pregnant women with a short cervix showed that there was no difference between women using a pressary vs. the control group.   

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Case List Construction Tip
By author Krishna Das, MD

Formatting is the most powerful tool to raise your case list head and shoulders above the others; especially in strategically pulling the examiner to cases YOU want to talk about.
Regardless of your case list software, simply putting words in ITALICS, BOLD, CAPITAL LETTERS, and Underline can make all the difference. 

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 Upcoming Deadlines, Events, Dates:    

  3-4th - Royal Canadian Written exam
  8th - Happy Mother's Day
  25th - OSCE - Canadian Royal Oral exam, Ottawa,CA 

  1st - Taking submissions for ABC's Comprehensive Case List     Review
  3rd - Last day to reserve your seat at Pearson VUE testing     centers
  27th - AOBOG 2016 oral exam application deadline. Fee           $3,275
  27th - ABOG Written Exam at Pearson VUE testing centers


Practice with Free Written Questions 
Test your knowledge

We are here with you every step!  ABC's Advisor blog will post written questions over the next several months.  In addition, check out our Facebook page for weekly questions which will run right up to your written exam.  Try this question which comes from one of our Written Question Manuals:

Patients with the gene for hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer have an increased risk for which gynecologic cancer?

A.     Ovarian
B.     Cervical
C.     Endometrial
D.     Breast
E.     Fallopian tube

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Faculty Feature
Michael Carson, MD, FACP

Dr. Carson is a Board Certified Internist who completed his Internal Medicine residency at Brown University. Dr. Carson continued at Brown for a fellowship in Obstetric and Consultative Medicine. Currently he holds a dual appointment as a Clinical Associate Professor in the Departments of Medicine and OB/GYN at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. He directs the Obstetric Medicine Service at Jersey Shore UMC in Neptune, NJ. In addition to being a reviewer for the Annals of Internal Medicine, Women's Health and Obstetric Medicine, he is published and a leader in educating internists about caring for medical disorders during pregnancy.

"Fabulous! Funny, great slides; liked the ‘to the point’ focus!"

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