Test Taking Methodology for the Adult Learner
  • Test Taking Methodology for the Adult Learner
  • Test Taking Methodology for the Adult Learner

If you have a resident who has scored less than 200 on their CREOGS, they DEFINITELY need to attend the Test Taking Skills Workshop. The majority who incorporate the CQRPE method will see an average improvement of 20 points. This brilliant method is essential for any resident who simply wants to achieve the score you know they deserve. We welcome Residency Directors to attend the workshop for free to see the method for themselves. You will then be able to reinforce the method with the residents who attended, as well as implement the method with all of your residents when you return home.

ABC is honored to align with Martin and Jane Jolley, internationally recognized experts in standardized testing. The Jolleys have created a four hour evening workshop, offered during ABC's April & November Review Course. This workshop will help you and your residents identify possible error patterns in their processing of questions, as well as help them develop a logical, systematic and thoughtful method for answering questions in a timely fashion. Other concerns, such as reading difficulties and test taking anxieties, are also addressed. At the conclusion of the workshop, your residents will have a focused strategy for answering questions and a method for monitoring their test-taking accuracy.

  • Cost for the 4 hour Workshop is $400. The next workshop will be offered during our Fall review course - Nov 17, 2016 and Spring review course - April 20, 2017 
  • Discounts are available for residents
  • Residency Directors may attend at no charge
  • For more information regarding the Jolley's, visit their website:  Jolley Test Prep

ABC and Jolley Test Prep have developed a series of Diagnostic Test Question Banks as well as a Practice Test to help your residents practice what they have learned in this workshop. Want more information?



"Today I took a timed practice test of 180 questions, using the CQRPE method.  I was able to finish the test in 120 minutes!!! I was shocked! The test just flew by." MA

“Guess who got the HIGHEST score of his resident program? I still can't believe it.....I got the HIGHEST CREOG score OF MY PROGRAM and I can't thank you enough ABC!!!!!!!” MA

“Over the course of two years, I had failed USMLE Step 2 CK a total of four times. During that time I tried many different options to try and increase my score to finally pass Step 2 CK. I hired private tutors, studied with friends who excelled on the exam, I even went to a six-week live on-site study program. None of those methods worked for me!” “I was told by my medical school that if I did not pass the exam on my fifth attempt, I would be dismissed from medical school! That would be the end of any kind of medical career, it would be the end of my dreams! “ “With only two months before my exam, ABC was recommended to me by an OB/GYN faculty. Initially, I was skeptical because the test was far more than just OB/GYN. Dr. Das explained that her CQRPE method worked for any subject. She taught me the method by phone and helped me develop a strategy and study plan. Within a few short weeks I was scoring much better on my practice exams.” “I retook USMLE Step 2 CK two months after reaching out to America's Board Review. I went into the exam confident and I left the exam feeling extremely confident. One month later I received a passing score! I went up by 30 points! By passing the exam that had held me back for so long I was finally able to graduate from medical school and earn my M.D. degree! I'm now able to move onto residency and move on with the rest of my career! The CQRPE method works! I will continue to use it for the rest of my life and excel on any board exams I have in the future.”

"I really enjoyed the course. Saturday pm review on test taking skills was excellent, Really appreciate how everyone had an open door policy to help us. The emails before & during were helpful. Stellar experience-will refer others."

"I would love to be their apprentice and carry on their work! I love the Jolleys! If they want to be an apprentice, maybe?"

"Your workshop really helped. I failed the written boards the first time by a couple of points. This time I got 30 points higher (and of course I passed). I honestly don't believe I had more fundamental knowledge (I felt I was prepared the first time), but I felt more in control using your test taking skills strategies. It took me longer to finish the exam, but I was calmer and felt like I answered the questions more efficiently."

"I feel that this course will make the difference & will definitely help me to pass my exam. All the lecturers did an excellent job in pointing out the key concepts and important things I need to focus on for the exam. Now I know exactly what to study & how to study. The Exam Test Taking Strategies were excellent especially the “Jolley Method” of how to answer the question. How to read the question first and rule out the other answers to get 2 final answers. This course was EXCELLENT! I am so happy I took this course!!"




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