Structured Cases Workshop for ABOG Oral Exam - September 13, 2017
  • Structured Cases Workshop for ABOG Oral Exam - September 13, 2017


Krishna Das

Confidently tackle the Structured Cases portion of your exam.  ABC was the first review course in the country to offer this ingenious simulation of the other half of the ABOG oral exam.  In only four hours, this workshop consists of some quick didactics on exam format and strategy. 

  • Four hour workshop
  • Binder includes lecture notes, hard copy of each case with questions and corresponding answer sheets
  • CD includes 16 cases with powerpoints with questions only and with questions & answers
  • Covers OB, GYN, Office GYN, REI, Primary Care, Perioperative Management, and Oncology
  • Practice by yourself or with a mock examiner
  • Workshop held during 5 day review course

The majority of the time is on individual and partner exercises practicing 8 cases on OB, GYN, Office GYN, REI, Primary Care, Perioperative Management and Oncology. You walk away with a CD of those cases presented in the workshop plus 8 more to continue to practice at home. Bring your laptop to best simulate the ABOG exam!


‘I definitely felt that practicing with a partner made me answer questions more thoroughly than I would have on my own. I also now understand the timing and pace. This greatly lowered my anxiety and boosted my confidence.”

“Dr. Das, I truly believe my success was because of your help. Thank you for reviewing my case list, I felt submitting a solid case list made it so much easier to defend on test day. I felt all the products and services you provide offered the keys to successful preparation. I took several mock exams and purchased the structured cases CDs. I also attended the structured case workshop as well. The information you provided covered I would say more than 90% of what I got asked on the exam. I knew I passed as soon as the test was over. This was such a stark contrast to the first time I took the test. Thank you so much. I really did feel that you and your staff were with me every step of the way as your slogan suggests. I will definitely recommend you to future test takers. Your course products truly simulate the exam content. I am so glad I found you. If you have anybody in the next test season that are taking it for the second time, I would be happy to share my test prep calendar and how I used your products to succeed the second time.” EB

"I gained confidence and found weak areas to improve on before the exam. The review of case in the format of the mock oral exam was extremely helpful."

"Thinking through the cases and practicing with my colleagues gave me experience and built up my confidence. It was so helpful to then review the cases as a group to see the varied approaches and answers”



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