Structured Cases for MFM Subspecialist, Set of 100
  • Structured Cases for MFM Subspecialist, Set of 100
Thank you for purchasing this product. ABC's Structured Cases have been widely acclaimed as essentially simulating the structured case portion of the oral exam. These cases will be exceptionally valuable to you as you become familiar with, and ultimately perfect this mode of the exam, as well as to assess your knowledge of a specific topic. Under the Modules Tab, you will find 18 individual files comprised of power points. Each power point contains 5 cases with 4-6 follow-up questions, just like the ABOG oral exam. 15 Oncology cases (3 files), 15 Office cases (3 files), 15 Perioperative cases (3 files), 15 Primary Care cases (3 files), 15 REI cases (3 files), 15 Urogynecology cases (3 files) Under the Additional References tab, are the examiner's answer sheet for each file, which includes questions, answers, and point value for pass/marginal/fail. We recommend you print out the answer sheets for your "examiner" to record your answers (print out in landscape orientation)


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