Practice Ob/Gyn Board Exam for the Canadian Royal College Written Exam
  • Practice Ob/Gyn Board Exam for the Canadian Royal College Written Exam

Our “Practice Ob/Gyn Board Exam” is composed of 250 questions with an allotted time of 60 seconds per question plus an additional 10 minutes of “break time” which may be used at anytime during the test. Questions cover the fundamental concepts associated with your board exam.
This one-time use test is intended to provide the test taker with not only their performance in specific content areas but also to help them identify relative strengths and weaknesses so they may adjust their study time accordingly. We also provide information on the average amount of time spent on different types of questions, performance on different cognitive levels of questions and quantitative feedback on several other testing related variables. Like your board exam, the answers are not provided in this practice exam, as they are in our diagnostic banks.
We recommend taking this exam at least two weeks ahead of your “actual event”. This will allow you sufficient time to tweak your studies with specific focus. Additionally, we have separated the test into two parts so you will be able to monitor your performance on the first half and the second half of the exam. We look for your performance to remain constant rather than to either deteriorate during the exam or to indictate that you are one of those folks who needs to “warm up” early on before you hit your stride.

The cost of the exam is $125 for each use and is non-refundable. 

Once you have placed an order through our website for the exam, please give us 8-12 hours to process and send you a link from ABC with username & password.





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