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Practice Makes Perfect Package for ABOG Oral Exam

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This is the perfect package for those who would like to attend a one-day workshop on oral exam strategy and defense.  

  • Option 1:  Oral Exam Workshop (Tuesday - September 13th - attend in person or virtually) consists of strategies specific for your ABOG oral exam.
  • 3 private 1/2 hr. Mock Oral exams conducted by an ABC faculty member of your choice, with the flexibility to schedule your one-on-one sessions based on your exam month.
  • A 55-minute session in Dallas as a dress rehearsal before your big day (Oct, Nov, and Dec)
  • Option 2: Unable to attend live in September?  Gain online access to our Oral Exam Workshop recordings from September 2021.

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Krishna Das


"Thank you for helping me pass this difficult (oral) exam. I'm not only a foreign graduate, but also don't practice OB. All of you make an excellent team, and I congratulate you for this course. It's very organized, personal, and the speakers made a wonderful effort to teach us to be better professionals." -- AH 

"I Passed my Boards!!!! I am in tears as I write this!  It has been such a long journey, and you have been so helpful! I had a wonderful experience with my mock orals and especially my last one with Dr. Griffin." -- VN 

"SO glad I spent the time and money." 

"I wanted to thank all of you for your help in this whole oral exam process. The workshop, the course, and the mock orals were extremely helpful to me and really made the difference in my confidence level during the test. Thanks so much for helping me pass! I will be certain to recommend your course to others." -- EL

"I watched the video clips on your website of Dr. Das giving a mock oral and was surprised at how accurate they were to the actual exam. Although it brought back bad memories of the exam, her style was just like my examiners: direct, fair, and professional. I had participated in (another company's) webinars and then their group and individual mock orals in Dallas.  Their style is malignant, belittling -- I remember the feelings of fear, incompetence, and shame. Needless to say this put me in a tail spin that I couldn't recover. After talking with Dr. Das on the phone to strategize for my 2nd attempt, I truly believe had I started with ABC, I would have had a completely different mindset and perhaps outcome. I guess we'll find out. I just want to alert others to not fall prey to the same scare tactics. Don't make my mistake." - NA