Pass Your Oral OB/GYN Board Exam - 5th Edition by Anita Krishna Das, MD, FACOG
  • Pass Your Oral OB/GYN Board Exam - 5th Edition by Anita Krishna Das, MD, FACOG
  • Pass Your Oral OB/GYN Board Exam - 5th Edition by Anita Krishna Das, MD, FACOG

This #1 selling guide for over fifteen years is now in its FIFTH edition. This book is a concise step-by-step guide for both preparing for and taking the ABOG oral exam. It provides effective strategies for case list collection, format and defense, along with other tips and advice for persuasively articulating one's knowledge.  


  1. The Oral versus the Written Exam: How They Differ
  2. The Application Process
  3. Scope of the Exam
  4. Getting Started
  5. The Case List
  6. Structured Cases
  7. Studying for the Exam 
  8. The Oral Exam
  9. Test Results
  10. Lessons Learned...and much more


  • Case List Software
  • Custom Case List Tips
  • Recommendations for Subspecialists and Military Personnel



“I feel my success this year was from the brilliant words from Dr Das. I bought her book and followed it to the tee.”

"I am 4th yr resident in Greenville, SC. I read the book you gave us when you came to do the practice oral boards this year while on a flight for a MFM fellowship interview. I was very stressed about the that what/when of collecting cases as a chief. I now feel much better! I started working on case log templates on the plane." - AL

"Thank you so much! That book was more help than anyone I have talked to, including fellows at the interviews!"

"I was advised don't even attempt the case list without your book. I bought your book the first week of July and I am devouring it with the anticipation of preparing correctly for my orals." -- EB

"I just bought 8 of your books to give to my graduating chief residents. I can't think of a better way to make a difference for their future." --ND

"Your book has been the 'light in darkness' for this journey." -- AR

"My preparation for the 2009 exam was plainly deficient. For days after the test, I just shook my head when I thought about it. In June this year (2010), as I scrambled to complete another case list, I ordered your book and reading it was like finding religion.  I clearly hadn't grasped the magnitude of this test, and I certainly hadn't undertaken any strategy in my approach. For instance, it never occurred to me that I didn't HAVE to tolerate the restrictions and idiosyncrasies of the ABOG software.  When I read your advice to create my own case list spreadsheet, I about fell off my chair with the genius of it!  Every piece of advice just seemed so profound that I decided to start over with a new approach to this beast." -- JL 



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