ABOG and AOBOG Oral Exam Webinar 2018
  • ABOG and AOBOG Oral Exam Webinar 2018
The following videos are approximately 1 hour sessions reviewing high yield exam topics 1st Series: Dr. Krishna Da:s Webinar intro Dr. Hazeem Kanaan: HTN Dr. Diane Evans: GDM + U/S Dr. Diane Evans: MFM Evaluation of the High Risk Prg, Early Screening Tests & diagnostic work up, Interventions + U/S Dr, Hazeem Kannan: Labor Dystocia /FHR abn/ OVD 2nd Series: Dr. Stephanie Persondek: Endometriosis/CPP+ U/S Dr. Stephanie Persondek: REI topics Dr. Diane Evans: Ectopic Pregnancy+ U/S /Sexual dysfunction Dr. Hazeem Kanaan: AUB/Fibroids+ U/S 3rd Series: Dr. Diane Evans: Oncology+ U/S Dr. Hema Brazell: Urogyn Dr. Diane Evans: Breast/Dermatitis/PID+ U/S Dr. Diane Evans: 4th Station


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