Online Oral Exam Defense and Strategy Course
  • Online Oral Exam Defense and Strategy Course
ABC's Online Oral Exam Defense and Strategy is a combination of instruction and immediate implementation through practical exercises. First, we will completely dissect the components of the ABOG Oral Exam, so you will know exactly what to expect. Next, we'll show you how to shake those jitters with our tried and true oral exam techniques. You will then learn how to see your case list from the examiner's perspective. This paradigm shift gives you the critical insight to predict the questions you will be asked during your oral exam. The following videos are included: 1. Part One: User's Guide by Dr. Das (re-record time ?) 2. Part Two: Exam Content and Defending your Case List (1:24:44) 3. Part Three: Exam Strategy (43:43) 4. Part Four: Oral Board Exam Content & Results Oral Exam Techniques (22 min) Exam Conduct (51 min) Mock Oral Exams (8 min) 5. Part Five: Intro & Strategy Structured Cases (33 min) 6. Part Six: Structured Cases – review of answers & grading (17 min)


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