Jolleys Test Taking Skills Workshop for Canadian Royal College Exam - November 14, 2017
  • Jolleys Test Taking Skills Workshop for Canadian Royal College Exam - November 14, 2017
  • Jolleys Test Taking Skills Workshop for Canadian Royal College Exam - November 14, 2017
  • Jolleys Test Taking Skills Workshop for Canadian Royal College Exam - November 14, 2017
  • Jolleys Test Taking Skills Workshop for Canadian Royal College Exam - November 14, 2017

ABC is honored to align with Martin and Jane Jolley, internationally recognized experts in standardized testing. They are both retired directors of the Institute for Professional Preparation (IPP) at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. For over 30 years, the Institute provided structured review programs for a variety of standardized tests, including the MCAT, USMLE Steps 1, 2 and 3, and several specialty boards and in-training exams.

  • Cost for the 4-hour Workshop is $400. Next workshop
    (November 14 and April 10) evening prior to 5-day review course in Charlotte, NC.
  • A minimum number of participants is required
  • For more information regarding the Jolley's visit their website:  Jolley Test Prep
  • Email:

Martin and Jane have created, specifically for ABC participants, a four-hour evening workshop during ABC's April & November Review Course. This workshop will help you identify possible error patterns in your processing of questions, as well as help you develop a logical, systematic and thoughtful method for answering questions in timely fashion. They will also address other concerns such as reading difficulties and test-taking anxieties. At the conclusion of the workshop, you will have a focused strategy for answering questions and a method for monitoring your test-taking accuracy. The majority who incorporate the CQRPE method will see an improvement on average of 20 points. This brilliant method is essential for any exam taker who simply wants to achieve the score you know you deserve.  

Jane Jolley, with a background in psychology and a Masters Degree in Learning Disabilities brings strength to their educational approach to test taking. They have been preparing students for computer-based tests (CBT) since the advent of CBT and continue to have a very high success rate with all types of learners.

ABC and Jolley Test Prep have developed a series of Diagnostic Test Question Banks to help you practice what you have learned in this workshop. Want more information?



"Very good in focusing on what the question is asking and especially at deciphering between ACOG answer & clinical experience answer."

"Taught me excellent tips on better test taking techniques. I found the elimination method for multiple choice questions especially helpful." - CA

"Your workshop really helped. I failed the written boards the first time by a couple of points. This time I got 30 points higher (and of course I passed). I honestly don't believe I had more fundamental knowledge (I felt I was prepared the first time), but I felt more in control using your test taking skills strategies. It took me longer to finish the exam, but I was calmer and felt like I answered the questions more efficiently."

"This workshop was great -- it helped to talk it out with others -- hear how they processed material. I would recommend this to anyone taking the boards."

“Dr. Das, I can't believe you called me first for my results, but then again, of course you would, since you've been with me all the way. I passed my written boards FINALLY on the SIXTH attempt!!! I was in deep despair when I called for your help after failing for the fifth time. I had been to all those review courses with their money back guarantee; they lost their money, and I lost my dignity. You were candid and acknowledged the chances of passing the sixth time were slim. Unlike anyone else however, you sought to find out why I was repetitively failing. You referred me to (education specialist) Martin Jolly and I underwent extensive testing. You then helped me develop a study plan and made sure I stuck with it and proved I was practicing my new test taking skills. You even helped find a study buddy in my area. Your review course helped me further hone in on key test topics. Not only did I pass this time, but I nailed that puppy with a score of 71%. I am forever grateful." -- VB

"Now WHY in all my years of schooling, has no one given a lecture on how to analyze how to take a test? THANK YOU - I guess better late than never."



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