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Interactive Written Board Prep Course for Canadian Royal College Exam - September

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ABC utilizes e-learning tools and strategies to appeal and meet the needs of all adult learners preparing for their OB/GYN board exam. You now have the option to select your own personalized learning pathway – either live in-person or live-remote. In-person attendees are provided the opportunity for additional discussion and a social environment for an optimal breakout session experience. Live-remote learners can still be engaged by asking questions of lecturing faculty and participating in the daily interactive sessions.

All candidates will receive:

  • High-yield, exam-focused lectures including OB, ONC, Urogyn, Primary Care, Periop, OFC GYN and REI topics
  • Interactive sessions:
    • Daily breakouts, both on-site and off-site, led by faculty
    • Your retention will be tested by topic-specific questions, practicing our CQRPE written test-taking methodology and participating in a facilitated review of the answers.
  • Dedicated evening session for written exam candidates - Although the major emphasis of the lecture is on strategies for taking a written test, we also walk through the format and content of the written board exam. In addition, you will be given a system for analyzing your performance and predicting your results.
  • Knowledge capsules - Upon registration, you will gain access to additional lectures which you can watch at your leisure.
  • Added bonus!  The entire 5 days will be recorded. Recordings will be available to all attendees for 3 months after the course.
  • Up to 42.25 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ available
  • Note:  We encourage early registration so your materials are prepared in a timely manner.  An administrative fee of $150 will be added to your registration after April 1st.

Choose from one of our hybrid options (Live in Asheville, NC or Remote via WebEx):

  • Comprehensive Package - Interactive Prep Course, Written Test Taking Skills Online Course, 1 yr subscription to Written Questions Online (WQO) & Practice Exam, $2,448.00  (Save $222.00) 
  • Premium Package - Interactive Prep Course, Written Test Taking Skills Online Course & 1 yr subscription to Written Questions Online (WQO) - $2,272.50 (Save $202.50) 
  • Combo Package - Interactive Prep Course & Written Test Taking Skills Online Course - $1,822.50  (Save $202.50) 
  • Interactive Prep Course - $1,700 

Packages cannot be combined with other discounts (see discount tab above)

Written Test Taking Skills Online Course: If you have scored less than 200 on your CREOGS, are gunning for a fellowship, or failed your written boards, you MUST take this online course. The majority who incorporate the CQRPE method as an adjunct to the review course, see an improvement on average of 20 points.
Written Questions Online: Most written exam candidates want questions, questions, questions. No problem!  As a matter of fact, we have so many exam-focused written questions, that we have organized them into seven manuals like PROLOGs: OB, Gynecology & Surgery, Gynecologic Oncology, REI, Office & Primary Care, FPMRS & Ethics. Practice with questions and receive your answers with narrative explanation and supporting reference. Altogether there are close to 1400 questions at half the cost of PROLOGs! 
Practice ExamOur “Practice OB/GYN Board Exam” is composed of 250 questions with an allotted time of 60 seconds per question. We recommend taking this exam at least two weeks ahead of your “actual event”. This will allow you sufficient time to tweak your studies with a specific focus. Additionally, we have separated the test into two parts so you will be able to monitor your performance in the first half and the second half of the exam. We look for your performance to remain constant rather than to either deteriorate during the exam or to indicate that you are one of those folks who needs to “warm up” early on before you hit your stride.

Course Location and Hotel Information 

Sample Topics

Category I CME hours for April Review course

Course Objectives

Discounts – only applies to 5-day stand-alone course

ABC offers a 10% discount ($170 savings) to qualifying registrants purchasing this 6-day board prep course priced at $1,700.  

  • Resident or Fellow in training
  • Military (either active duty or reserve component)
  • Foreign Missionary
  • Previous attendee (to one of our review courses)
  • Sign up with a friend (to receive the friend discount both registrations must be received within 48 hrs)

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"Une revision de 5 années en 5 jours! Les professeurs sont efficaces et donnent d’excellents conseils."

"I am giving a talk at the end of June to groups of CA residents and I sure intend to recommend they come to ABC."

"Thank you for the emotional support offered. It is obvious that you care how we do on the tests."

"WOW!! Couldn’t get better! Great info pertinent to our boards and practice– Dr. Gordon is one of the best lecturers I’ve ever had."

"Excellent cours! La documentation est trēs facīle ā suire et ēnarmēment de sujets. Merci!" ELL

“We’re now the third batch of residents to come to ABC. You really took the earlier residents’ recommendations to heart by adding 1-liners, SOGC guidelines, and a laboratory conversion sheet”  SC