FAQ's for the ABOG Oral Exam
  • FAQ's for the ABOG Oral Exam


Quinn Peeper


This manual provides a checklist approach to your ABOG oral exam. The line of questioning for both the case list and structured cases is very predictable. These Frequently Asked Questions are organized by topic for OB, GYN, and Office. This is a great tool to guide or cross reference your studying and is even better to practice the oral exam format. Don't be taken by surprise on your exam!


"This has been an invaluable week in my preparation for the Oral ABOG exam. It not only served to strengthen and reinforce my foundation of knowledge, but to highlight its ‘cracks’, giving me ample time to repair them before heading to Dallas. ABC allows one to feel confident, with a solid foundation that is absolutely necessary to jump into the examiners’ pool of questions."

"Tremendously helpful when I was in front of the examiners during my orals."




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