Diagnostic Test Question Bank for Canadian Royal College Written Exam
  • Diagnostic Test Question Bank for Canadian Royal College Written Exam


Krishna Das

Martin & Jane Jolley
Jolley Test Prep

ABC is the only course in the country that has aligned with educational specialists with peer-reviewed and evidence-based written exam techniques. Our partnership with Jolley Test Prep provides a unique opportunity to combine written questions with the educational performance evaluation from JTP. We are able to provide feedback that is not available from any other online written question service. In addition to your score profile, you will also have access to a written summary of how to best interpret your performance. This includes a description of common "error patterns" or mistakes of which test-takers are frequently unaware and keep them from getting the score they deserve.

  • Online & simulates the written exam
  • Diagnoses common error patterns Ex. spending too much or too little time on questions, changing your answers or negatively phrased questions.  Sample Diagnostic Feedback 
  • These diagnostic tests will help you prepare with more focus and direction. Our goal is to offer you the tools necessary to increase the likelihood of achieving a score commensurate with your ability.
  • Access to a list of answers and references for each question.  Sample questions 
  • Other FAQs 
  • Info on breakdown of topics within banks
  • Access to over 500 questions broken down into five - 105 question banks at $60.00 each or purchase entire 5 bank set at $180 - a savings of $ 180!

You will have access to a question bank for 30 days from the date of purchase.  90 days when purchasing the entire set.


"The testing bank...excellent, excellent. I really liked the feedback analysis and the simulated exam. Before ABC my score was 65% - after ABC, 78%. This is a great adjunct to the course." -- AB 

"Well written, no ambiguity, tough, but fair."

"Unfortunately, I am repeating the (ABOG) written boards. So I can tell you from one who knows that your written test question bank format helps tremedously. The interpretation summary and narrative explanations of the answers were enormously helpful. I can't believe I'm saying this, but it was actually fun."

"Hate those negatively worded questions, but I understand this is very representative of the exam." 

"I appreciate that it can be taken on-line without having to download and the answers can be reviewed immediately." 



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