Rachel Masch, MD, MPH, FACOG

Dr. Masch obtained her BA in International Relations and her MD degree from Brown University. She then completed her OB/GYN residency at Reading Hospital in Reading, PA and subsequently obtained her Master of Public Health at Columbia University. Her public health interests have taken her around the world, doing work in both family planning and cervical cancer prevention. She is currently the Associate Director of the Division of Family Planning at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York, NY. She has numerous publications in both clinical and basic science research and has been awarded a number of grants and multiple teaching awards. She lectures with passion and compassion and clearly wants you to pass your exam.


Brown University
Majored in International Relations

Medical School:
Brown University

Reading Hospital

Associate Director of the Division of Family Planning at Beth Isreal Medical Center

Quotes from our Students

"Wow! What a treat! She’s the perfect teacher, as she knows how to balance teaching with humor”

“Clear, concise, fun. Best lecture on contraception I’ve ever heard”

“Love her mneumonics”

“This was an excellent, focused review. I wish I could have had these lectures in medical school/residency because she teaches in an engaging, efficient, and memorable manner”

“The perfect blend of applicable to the exam, real life OB/GYN scenerios and availability for questions. She is a must-keep lecturer”



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