Prepare for your ABOG oral exam with ABC's Home Study package with mock orals
  • Prepare for your ABOG oral exam with ABC's Home Study package with mock orals
  • Mock Orals for ABOG oral exam candidates

Since ABOG has changed the format of the 2020 Certifying Oral Exam to a computer-based examination, we are recommending other products to ensure that your experience with us reflects that change of format. We still provide you with high-yield content via our course recordings and now recommend you supplement with written questions.  We are with you every step and are happy to talk you through our products that would best serve your needs and to ensure you are properly prepared to sit for your ABOG exam on February 2nd, 2021.

Our chat line is open longer hours and on weekends to assist you with your oral exam preparation.

Have you always struggled to take written exams?  Then we recommend you check out our Written Exam Online Learning Prep Course.

Other product recommendations:

Audiovisual Course Recordings $895.00
Written Questions Online, 1,400 by topic written questions. 3-month subscription $235
Q Banks, each bank contains 50 multiple-topic questions.  $40 each or $215 for Set of 6 banks

Purchase all three (Audiovisual Course Recordings, 3-mo subscription of WQO & Set of Q Banks) for $1,345
This package is only available for 2020 Oral Exam Candidates.

 Our Home Study Packages are non-refundable 


"I cannot thank the entire staff from this course enough for all of the support and information that they provided during my oral board review journey. I got my results today and am truly having a hard time putting into words just how elated I am.

I did the home review course and found it to be a fantastic investment. You learn all of the information you need in residency but this course was great at refreshing that knowledge and giving tips on how to effectively organize it all for test day. From a content perspective, I was very pleased. It is my tendency to study what I like most and to do so exhaustively. This course gave me far better guidance and benchmarks for covering the entire scope of our practice as Ob/Gyns.

I also did mocks with three very professional individuals. Now having completed the whole process, I feel like they effectively recreated the experience that I encountered on test day. After each mock, I was given tips on how to better express my message, topics to brush up on, and things that I should anticipate given my case list. I cannot express my appreciation for their flexibility with my schedule and making me feel more comfortable and prepared for test day.

Lastly, Dr. Das's Do or Die was the cherry on top. She combed through my entire case list submission and gave me a thorough run through of my lists. I cannot overstate the benefit of Dr. Das's approach. As an example, she alerted me to a stylistic point on my list that gave her pause. Sure to form, it gave my examiner pause as well and they told me during the test! Had I not heard about this from her the day before, I think it may have rattled me. Thank Dr. Das for giving me the information and awareness to stay in the zone on test day.

All in all, thank you so much. Your hard work made my goal so much more attainable. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" - AF



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